PAT Oxygen Sensor Range Expands

Premier Auto Trade has announced a significant expansion to their range of Oxygen and Air Fuel Ratio Sensors available for the aftermarket.

The PAT range now includes over 800 Direct Fit Oxygen Sensors for petrol, LPG and diesel vehicles with a spread across Japanese, Korean, USA and European manufacturers. This covers over 14 million vehicle applications in Australia and New Zealand, making it the largest range in the Australian Aftermarket.

As a newly appointed NTK distributor, the world’s largest manufacturer of oxygen sensors, Premier Auto Trade’s Premium Range suppliers now include NTK, Walker Products, Bosch and Denso. Premier Auto Trade’s Premium Range includes premium brands and original equipment products from the world’s leading manufacturers.

The Premier Auto Trade range offers different types of oxygen sensors. Titania Oxygen Sensors which vary in resistance based on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas, and Zirconia Oxygen Sensors which produce a voltage which varies based on the amount of oxygen in the exhaust gas. It is critical to note that due to their different properties Zirconia and Titania sensors should not be interchanged under any circumstance.

In Air Fuel Ratio Sensors exhaust gas enters the air/fuel ratio sensors measuring cell through porous diffusion channels. In the cell the oxygen density is measured by means of electrodes and compared with that of stoichiometric.

Direct Fit Oxygen Sensors offer significant benefits over universal fit, ensuring correct wire configuration and reducing the chance of incorrect connections. Many later 5 wire Oxygen Sensors can be model specific with calibrating electrical components integrated in the sensor harness connector and cannot be altered. It also ensures less chance of an incorrect heater resistance being fitted to the vehicle, which is very important on later models.

Premier Auto Trade distributes products throughout Australia via a network of specialised resellers and leading automotive groups. For more information visit

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