New Fuel Modules & Pumps

Premier Auto Trade have recently increased their range of fuel modules and pumps. The range includes OE products from the world’s leading brands such as Bosch, Delphi, VDO, Pierburg and Denso. Currently PAT offer more than 400 modules and pumps for over 3000 vehicle applications making it Australia’s most comprehensive offering.


Fuel modules, pumps and hanger pump assemblies are designed to deliver an immediate, uninterrupted flow of fuel to the engine’s fuel rail and injectors at the specified system pressure, resulting in a more efficient operation. Quality fuel modules, pumps, and hanger pump assemblies are designed to withstand harsh alcohol fuel blends and provide dependable, long-lasting performance, quick pressure rise and deliver quiet and efficient operation.

Additionally, where required, fuel assemblies include integrated fuel level sensing components that deliver an accurate reading of the fuel level in the tank to the fuel gauge. Fuel modules typically include a fuel vapour pressure sensor that detects any leaks in the fuel tank or associated evaporative emissions components.
Original equipment fuel modules, which house the electric fuel pump, can typically operate for seven to ten years before failing, unlike many aftermarket equivalents.
Premier Auto Trade supplies pumps from the world leaders in fuel pump technology and OE manufacturer’s, who design and build fuel modules and pumps with dependable, reliable parts that you and your customers can trust to deliver “Real Value”.

In addition leading manufacturers like Delphi have proactively upgraded many older model fuel pumps and module designs with the latest technologies, so that your replacement fuel pump will perform properly in today’s environment. The range of pumps are built to withstand today’s fuels with petrol retailers now authorised to sell alcohol fuel blends containing 15% ethanol. Delphi fuel assemblies have undergone durability testing to ensure that they withstand up to 22% ethanol.

The Premier Auto Trade premium range of fuel pump assemblies are built with OE validated parts and include OEM grade wiring, electrical connectors and level sensor assemblies that deliver increased performance, durability and reliability over aftermarket fuel pumps.

Premier Auto Trade distributes throughout Australia via its reputable network of specialist resellers, national distributors and leading automotive retail groups. To find your nearest reseller search our Get Real Resellers Map